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Le storie del Kleg

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Kleg - un esempio di istituzione

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Tornando all'articolo, oggi presenterò la struttura base del Kleg: tutti i concetti della polizia segreta su cui si fondano le storie del Kleg.

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L'immagina con lo schema della struttura è stato creato usando xmind.

Kleg (Secret Tribunal)

To protect power and authority of the State of Algeron, and punish people above the law.

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Kleg high council is formed by a number of seats equal to the number of elective nobles. They meet in secret, and secret is their vote. They use magical mask to change voices to preserve anonymity; only the elected king knows who they really are. Every noble can send someone else to attend a session, ask questions, make requests or cast a vote. No one of them admit to be part of this institution, and seldom they pretend that Kleg doesn’t exist.

Kleg master council has the executive role, they follow orders coming from high council and take care of ordinary routines.


Kleg was created as a tribunal to judge people above the law. It slowly started to be accepted from the State, then it became a powerful ally, and, at last, Algeron absorbed it as a subordinate institution.

Key concepts

-         Separation: Kleg tends to isolate enemies of the State, spreading diffidence between them and sustaining their conflicts.

-         Intimidation: Kleg members are allowed to arrest, kill and torture. They need only an internal “authorization for national interest” granted by their Judges.

-         Omniscience: Kleg pretends to know all, and tries to convince everyone of this.

-         Maintain promises: Kleg is renown to be reliable.


* Kleg uses the same methods on its members.

Kleg members are divided by their competences, so that no one will be totally independent.

-         Judges (the Wises): trained to be leaders, define tactics and manage resources.

-         Shadows: trained in subterfuge, gaining and manipulating informations.

-         Knives: trained to fight, kill and torture.

If any  Kleg member betrays or tries to quit without authorization Algeron and the other Kleg members will hunt him down and hang him on the nearest tree. And there are also other kinds of leverage for everyone of them.

-         Judges: usually they have blood bonds with the Kleg high council. Seldom their families are controlled and used as hostages to threaten them.

-         Shadows: recruited from the low levels and the disinherited, especially if they have a major education in any knowledge. Algeron grants them money to survive and entices every kind of money addiction.

-         Knives: recruited from noble in disgrace, especially when they had military training. Usually these nobles have enemies of their past and wolves at the door. Algeron protects them, until they follow orders.


There is a detailed file for every judge, shadow and dagger; so Kleg masters know what’s the best way to handle their subordinates, and sometime, for special missions, they track members with magics.

Maintain promises.

Kleg pays well, and gives social acknowledgement. Besides, no one knows any member who turned against Algeron and lived more than a month. Someone says that there are exceptions, but none confirmed.




-         Apprentice: after recruitment everyone starts here. Trainers decide if they’re reliable, if so apprentices are sent to the first missions (the unreliable are sent to suicide missions).

-         Member (Schoppen): allowed for ordinary missions. Based on his capabilities a shadow or a knife can became a quartermaster, a trainer or an operative.

-         Quartermaster: their duty is to protect and manage goods; and sometimes, product special items.

-         Trainer: there are trainers for only shadows and knives, judges have to be found, not trained.

-         Operative: this is the more life threatening position. To became an operative any member has to prove himself in a fire trial: an especially difficult mission. Operatives are the ones sent in the black operations.

-         Master: members of the master council. if a member shows trust in the State, capability in his art, and gains also favour of the aristocracy he will arrive here.

-         Retired: old members are allowed to retire. Algeron grants them a good life, until they maintain a low profile.

* Shadows and knives are permanent roles, very few of them are allowed to exit from the Kleg (alive) before retirement;  judges instead may enter in the aristocracy and leave the Kleg after some years of experience.

Under cover: shadows and knives live under cover: they have two lives, one public and the other secret. Judges are secret too, usually they have a public role in common Tribunals.

Usual enemies

-         Internal rebel groups. (Aristocracy, reactionary, rebel slaves or farmers, rogue wizards or ambitious generals)

-         Defeatism

-         Spies from other countries (Counter-espionage)

-         Unofficially Religions (Achan and other religions)

-         Enemy armies or brigands



Black operations

Kleg has three big issues to control. These three are the major institution of Algeron: O’eh Sisterhood, Triam Church and the Kleg itself.

Any mission connected with anyone of these institution has to remain secret, since they are all formal allies of the State, and Algeron want to avoid outrages. Operatives on these missions have to rely only on themselves if captured.

Kleg funds come from regular taxes, black funds, slave work and corvées. When allowed, Kleg may take a bonus from confiscations and sanctions.

Information income

Professional confidents: they sell information.

Military: if needed Kleg may ask information to soldiers, rangers, sailors and officials.

Infiltrates: in every guild.

City guards: they take regular queries and denunciations.

Bureaucracy: Kleg can question chancellors and access their reports.

Postal: Kleg controls the regular mail services.

Secret queries: anyone can put a Secret Query in Kleg Wells. Usually citizens who want vengeance or people who want to hit someone too high for them.
Junctions: anyone can offer information to Kleg and asks for payment (not only money, but also other kinds of agreement such as licenses, or penalty reductions). Kleg is always honest with the ones who comes offering this kind of trade. They never threaten or force the agreement.

Information channels

Wail of the Banshee: regular press, the daily journal of Itis. Kleg can choose what article to insert, and what to ban.

Vermins: courtiers and courtesans who know how to spread words and start gossips.

Messengers: different level of urgency may allow Kleg members to send messages through regular mail, couriers, pigeons or even magic.

Kleg mask

In the past kleg members used masks to preserve anonymity. Then the mask became the symbol of Kleg itself. Some of these masks are now magical, created by the Sisterhood of O’eh supervised by demons of Triam church. They grant infravision (see infrared spectrum), and the amplification of every senses. The masks reminds the shape of a spider, and the holes for the eyes glow slightly in the dark. Master masks are a little different, and they don’t glow. Masks allow also to communicate telepathically between near members.

External support

Kleg sometime needs help of professionals to suppress some flaws.

Magics: Kleg members are not allowed to use spells, so, when needed, they have to rely on O’eh Sisterhood, or some other mage. Otherwise they ask Triam Church to summon demons for assistance. (Kleg thinks that demons are more trustworthy than mages).

Seductress: brothels have always been a good source of information, and they grant also a kind of professionals very useful in some situations. Usually Kleg relates with women of the Night Daughters society.

Alchemy: potions can be a replacement of magics; and alchemists are easier to control, because their organization is not so powerful as O’eh sisterhood.

Grey palace: the headquarters, situated in the administration quarter of Itis, the capital of Algeron.
Kleg wells: Itis has many wells used by Kleg members as underground offices, where they question prisoners. Every well is magically connected with a Dark Room.

Dark room: is the personal office of a Judge. They need to maintain dark the room to summon magic and communicate with Kleg wells.

* Dark Room and Kleg Wells are simply places to communicate between Judges (Dark Room) and their teams (Kleg Wells).

Maiden Caress: a torture where the victim face is burned with acid or fire to avoid identification; then the body is dropped in an underground river, or in sewers.

Oath swear: when an apprentice becomes a member he has to attend a ceremony where he swears an oath.

Feithschoppe: formal accusation made by a Kleg member to a subject.

Summon: order of appearance.

Fehmbar: a death sentence. Anyone declared fehmbar has to be killed by Kleg members.

Hanged line: if the Kleg choose to tell someone to go away they leave this sign on his door, to give him the possibility to leave. Otherwise they will hunt and kill him.

Mission types

Assassination: bankers, merchants, guards, mercenaries, politicians, nobles, etc.

Mass assassination: poisoning food, rivers, wells, spread illness.

Manipulate info: exchange missives, counterfeit journals, mouth to mouth, bribe, clear proofs, manipulate witnesses, exchange cargos.

Gather info: file info, read missives, listen gossips, meet informers, bribe, forensics, interrogation, stealing, raids, infiltration, trace the courier, find room of the host.

Sabotage: charts, industries, farms, meetings, machinery, locks.

Breach: make someone in (such as army, Bracchi’s guards, or others), smuggle people or items.

Escape: make someone out (such as informers).

Get object: keys, artefacts, relics.

Defend: ceremonies, sites, objects, or people, also escort missions and block normal or magical gates.

Moral: destroying symbols, intimidate, beating, humiliation, hack ceremonies.

Control: kidnap, blackmail, arrest, vandalism, spread terror.


Kleg means “flag” in an old language.

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