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Lab 4 -Mario 2d clone

Fourth lab completed

Play the game -> Click here

My Name: Giacomo Mariani, aka Jack Mariani -> (in the last here I changed the nicknamen in Jack Mariani from Jack Marian)

13-may-2012 - START
22-may-2012 - END of the Tutorial

Project description

That's a Mario 2d clone.

This is a platform game where Mario, moved by the player, has to avoid all the enemies and overcame obstacles to arrive at the end of the level. At this point he can jump on a flag to complete the world/level.

The player can make Mario walk, run and jump to avoid enemies and pits (empty zones between platforms).

To help him the player can take mushrooms or fire flowers to gain special powers. The mushroom make him big. When he's big he can destroy special bricks and he can be hitten by an enemy without dying, but, if hit, he return small. The flower make him big, plus he will be able to shot fireballs to destroy enemies or walls.

All of these improvementes come out from bricks, to let them grow Mario have to jump under them and hit them with his head. The bricks can also give him money or be destroyed by the hit.

In some places, during the level, mario con enter in tubes to be "teleported" to other part of the level.

Project Goals (achieved)
  • Word Balloon (Tutorial 26)
    • Create one Word Balloon Type for another event
  • Flag Pole and Finish  (Tutorial 27)
    • Mario jumps on Flag pole and goes down it
    • Mario walks to the castle and finishes
    • Score from time adds to points
    • World 1 - 1 is completed :)
  • Scene Transition Wipe  (Tutorial 28)
    • Implement Scene Transition Wipe between each Scene
  • Design the Next World  (Tutorial 29)
    • Create a new world for Mario to Explore
    • World must have a beginning and end
  • Menu Screen (Tutorial 30)
    • Create a complete Menu Screen with Start, Credits, Quit

Software Used: Unity 3d, Monodevelop

Final Thoughts

Wow. I finished this project last here and I'm publishing it now. I had an incredibly busy time in the meantime, but now I'm back.

Right now I'm on the fith project, and I want to publish this fourth, just to have it ready and online.

My favourite part of this lab was the development of the second world, where I had the possibility to use some creativity.

I decided not to achieve the only optional goal (that was creating a new gameplay element) because I wanted to go to the last project as soon as possible.

I found much more bugs in this project than in the last ones (I hope I fixed everyone of them). My worst one was when I found that Mario, after a teleport from the tubes, could run on the platform, but if he hit them with the head he passed throught the bricks. That was caused by the positioning of the colliders. After a teleportation, I don't know why, Mario was teleported in the wrong y position. I rewrote part of the code, then it was fine.

Maybe it was an issue of Unity version. The lab was created for one old version of unity while I developed it with the last one.

Break down your Time:
Research: 8/10 hour plus 2 hour of videos.
Art: 5 hour, maybe a bit more
Design: 3 hours
Coding: 10 hours that was much more that I thought
Playtesting and bug fixing: 10 hours or something like so. I did testing while coding, so I'm not sure to remind the exact amount of hours.

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